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Talamex Removable Boat Seat Swivel
£ 18.99
Allows easy removal of boat seat from boat
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Talamex Removable Boat Seat Swivel.

This handy swivel allows normal use like standard boat seat swivels but with the benefit of being able to remove  from its mounting taking the seat home with you deterring theft and keeping yur seat clean and dry for your next outing. Your seat will last alot longer not being exposed to the elements. The swivel is re-enfoced plastic so will not rust like other metal swivels

Plastic re-inforced swivel seat base which can easily be removed. Turns 360° without lock. The mounting plate for the seat is universal. LxW of bottom plate is: 175 x 175mmUPPer plate is 225 x 185mmTotal height is 45mm Bolt pattern is 4 x 175-210mm
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