Skin Thru Hull Fittings 90 Degree
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90 degree fitting
Price: £ 7.25
90 Degree Nylon Elbow Thru Hull Fitting

The KM fittings are moulded in off white Nylon, a strong, stable material unaffected by extreme temperature. These fittings represent high quality at a very competitive price               

Elbow thru-hulls are the answer to the most common plumbing issues : 

• Allow major room saving, as they can be used with 
a hose running along the hull. 

• Avoid making a bend in the hose, which can sometimes be 
a source of leak or breakage. 

• Require a simplified installation process inside the hull, carried out 
by one person only. You can hold it firmly with one hand, while 
screwing with the other hand.

19mm ( 3/4") -  Overall Depth: 84mm
25mm (1") -      Overall Depth: 93mm
38mm (1 1/2")- Overall Depth: 114mm
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