Riber Kakak Trolley Sit On Top 4023
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Price: £ 45.00
Riber Kakak Trolley Sit On Top 4023

The ideal solution for all sit on top kayaks.
The upright arms fit into the drain holes of the sit on top kayak eliminating the need to use a strap to secure.
The trolley has  large 10" diameter puncture proof tyres which never need to be inflated and are ideal on soft sand or uneven ground.
The uprights on this trolley can be removed to fold flat for easy storage.
The quick release wheels are detachable and the whole trolley weighs 3.3kg so can be stowed in the kayak when you are on the water.

Max width of sit on top drainage holes: 66cm

Capacity: 45kg (80lbs)
Size: 69 x 25 x 60cm
Folded Size: 57 x 25 x 14cm

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