QUICKSILVER Premium Plus 2 Stroke TC-W3 Oil 4 Litre 92-858027QB1
Item Code: 92-858027QB1
Price: £ 44.00
 Quicksilver Premium Plus 2 Stroke TCW3 Oil 4 Litre 92-858027QB1

Blended with the highest-quality ashless dispersants, this advanced synthetic-blend formula maintains peak performance under strenuous conditions, such as continuous high speed and heavy loads. This TC-W3 certified oil burns cleaner, maximizes performance, and is strong enough for high-horsepower outboard engines such as Mercury OptiMax and other direct fuel-injected (DFI) engines. Recommended for use in liquid-cooled, 2-cycle engines with oil injection systems or for premix which require a TC-W3 oil.

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