MERCURY Aluminium Spitfire 4 Blade Propellers 25/30HP Four Stroke Outboards48-8M8026655
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To Fit Mercury / Mariner 25-30HP (4 Stroke) Model Year 2006 & Newer10 Tooth SplineStandard Gearcase Only
Price: £ 195.00
Mercury  Propellers 25/30HP Four Stroke Outboards Aluminium Spitfire 4 Blade 48-8M8026655
Once again Mercury Propellers has re-written the rules of propeller design and engineering. Who says you have to compromise top-end speed to get the acceleration and holding of a four-blade propeller? With the Spitfire you can finally have both!
Spitfire's breakthrough design features the most aggressive geometry available in an aluminium propeller. It has more cup for best-in-class acceleration and holding, and tenacious grip in turns. Its high-rake, reduced diameter design helps maintain top-end speed.

To Fit Mercury / Mariner 25-30HP (4 Stroke) Model Year 2006 & Newer
10 Tooth Spline
Standard Gearcase Only

9.3 X 11 Aluminium 4 Blade (48-8M8026655)
9.3 X 9.5 Aluminium 4 Blade (48-8M8026650)
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