Honda Outboard Top Cover BF2 - BF225
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Genuine Honda Part
Price: £ 79.95
 Genuine Honda Outboard Cover Sizes to Fit BF2 - BF225
  • Protects from UV rays, fading, sun damage
  • Protects from road grime and rock chips when towing
  • Keeps dust out of intakes, protects the internal workings
  • Weather resistant, great for winter storage
BF115 to BF130 06311-ZW5-000ZB
BF135 to BF150 06311-ZY6-000ZB
BF15 to BF20 06311-ZV6-000ZB
BF175 to BF225 06311-ZY3-000ZB
BF2 / BF2.3 06311-ZW6-000ZB
BF25 / BF30 06311-ZV4-000ZB
BF40 / BF50 06311-ZV3-000ZB
BF5 06311-ZV1-000ZB
BF75 to BF90 06311-ZY9-000ZB
BF8 / BF10 06311-ZW9-000ZB
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