Toilet Waste Pumps & Accessories

- "Why do I need a macerator pump?"Because a uniform slurry is more easily pumped than raw toilet waste.Whether discharge is overboard (at sea), or from a holding tank to a shore pump-out station, waste that has been macerated is pumped faster, with less risk of annoying and unpleasant blockages, and with less load on the pump.JABSCO macerator pumps have 38mm (1½") bore inlet ports for efficient handling of solids. The pump takes in raw waste, and grinds it to a consistency that can be safely discharged via 25mm (1") bore pipework.IMPORTANT NOTE:- JABSCO macerator pumps are designed to handle normal toilet waste and easily-disintegrated toilet tissues. They will not handle high wet-strength tissues, sanitary towels, napkins, diapers, rags or hard objects.- Pumping out the toilet waste holding tankNever the most welcome of tasks, emptying the toilet waste holding tank requires a robust reliable pump that will do the job with the minimum of fuss.If a shore pump-out station can do the job for you - no problem! But for the times when you need your own pump on board, choose a JABSCO electric or manually-operated pump designed for the purpose - simple, efficient and fully serviceable.-
No Jabsco pump should be used for petrol, solvents or any liquid with a flash point below 37oC( 98oF)-