Y10 Original Fibreglass Stain Remover
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Get rid of those nasty stains on board this season, and get your boat looking pristine again. Y-10 was specifically formulated to remove the stubborn stains that have exasperated boat owners because they were so hard to clean off without damaging the hull surface.

  • Y-10 rapidly 'absorbs' yellow/brown waterline & transom stains on white or light-coloured fibreglass boats

  • Will not damage gelcoat

  • Also effective against rust stains & may be used on painted boats

Directions: Spread a thin coating of Y-10 over the stain, wait a few minutes while a mild chemical reaction causes the stain to vanish, then wash it off. The gel spreads easily and adheres to vertical surfaces. Also effective against rust stains and may be used on painted boats. Y-10 comes in 340g jars containing enough gel to remove waterline stains on a 26-footer twice!

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