Windex 10 Wind Indicator
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Windex 10 Wind Indicator 

Windex are the world’s leading wind indicators. Windex have a light, balanced vane with large fin area and low friction SAPPHIRE jewel suspension. These features make the Windex respond quickly and accurately at wind speeds as low as 0.2 knots (0.1metre/second). The tacking tabs can be adjusted to the apparent wind direction for port and starboard tacking. The Windex vane and tacking tabs feature reflective markers under the vane making them highly visible at night. The Windex 15 is the standard model wind vane for ocean racing and cruising.
Spares are available.
• Length: 10"/25cm
• Sapphire jewel suspension.
• Reflective markers on vane and tacking tabs for high night visibility.
• Weight 38g
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