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With our unique super-low friction ball race systems, featuring acetal sheaves and delrin ball bearings, running on a large diameter centre boss. This allows us to fit more load-bearing balls, which ensure extremely low friction performance, even under high loads.

Size 0 blocks SWL 300kgs Sheave Dia: 20mm, Max Rope Dia: 6mm
Size 1 blocks SWL 350kgs Sheave Dia: 30mm, Max Rope Dia: 8mm
Size 2 blocks SWL 370kgs Sheave Dia: 35mm, Max Rope Dia: 8mm
Size 3 blocks SWL 385kgs Sheave Dia: 45mm, Max rope Dia: 10mm
Size 4 blocks SWL 630kgs Sheave Dia: 58mm, Max Rope Dia: 12mm
Size 5 blocks SWL 750kgs Sheave Dia: 54mm, Max Rope Dia: 12mm
Size 6 blocks SWL 1000kgs Sheave Dia: 60mm, Max Rope Dia: 12mm
Size 7 blocks SWL 1250kgs: Sheave Dia: 70mm, Max rope Dia: 14mm

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