JOBE Wingman 1P
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Its time to spread your wings and to become a true tube-pro! This U-shaped 1-person tube has 4 serious fins, making it possible to control the tube by leaning sideways. The Wingman is a fun pleaser with a learning curve and a real winner in exploring boundaries. Will you hold on? A convenient quick rope connector allows easy rope connection- and detachment. Youll appreciate the convenience of the 4 handles with neoprene knuckle guards and the big neoprene pad, making it easier (but not too easy) to stay on the spot.
  • 840 Denier for strength
  • 28 gauge pvc for a durable inner
  • Max 1 person towable
  • One way boston valve to prevent air loss
  • Quick rope connector
  • Nylon cover
  • Equipped with fins: controlable tube
  • 4 handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • Big Neoprene pad
  • Double-stitched nylon for extra strength
  • Deflated size:51.2 x 63 /  130 x 160CM
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