110 Amp Marine Battery Platinum
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110 amp marine leisure battery,. Twin post, sealed and maintenance free.
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PLATINUM brand is synonymous with premium quality and the very best performance, giving the customer complete confidence in the product. PLATINUM leisure batteries are specifically designed to be continually cycled. This means that energy is taken out (discharged) and then energy put back in to the battery (recharged), via a battery charger or during hook up at a campsite. All PLATINUM Leisure Plus batteries are NCC verified & approved batteries.


  • Perfect for All types of Leisure & Marine Auxiliary Use
  • Dual Purpose (Starting & Auxiliary) Deep Cycle Battery
  • Unique Thick-Grid Plate Technology with Glass Fibre Separators which increases Electrical Capacity & Deep Cycle Capability.
  • Anti-flashback safety Laybrinth Lid Technology with Spark Arrestor which allows emissions to be safely exhausted externally from the caravan or motorhome vessel with added protection against gas combustion within the battery.
  • State of charge Indicator for easy to use visual indicator to check the battery's charge and acid levels
  • Dual Terminals (Twin Post) enables you to connect multiple appliances. (Standard Round Terminals & Threaded Stud Terminals)
  • Sealed Leisure Plus range for completely spill-proof Laybrinth Lid technology when kept in upright position and prevent battery water loss and the need for battery water topping up.
  • Maintenance Free with Advance Calcium Technology.
  • Wet Cell Flooded Lead Acid Battery with breathing holes for gassing. Top Lid sealed for enhanced safety (No Top-ups).
  • Comfortable, reinforced carrying handles.
  • Low self discharge rate giving extended shelf life.
  • Designed for all climates (This battery can withstand severe temperatures).
  • Genuine & Top Quality best Battery in its Range.
  • Heavy Duty Long Life Battery.
  • Warranty: The entire Platinum sealed leisure plus range comes with 3 years warranty against manufacturing faults and defects only. (conditions apply)

General & Technical Information:
Part Number: SD6110L
NCC Approved: NCC Verified & Approved Battery
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 110Ah C20
Length: 330mm
Width: 172mm
Height: 242mm (Height is including Terminals / Posts)

Important Note: Please do check the Dimensions (Size) and Polarity [Battery positive and negative terminal (post) Layout] and terminal type against your Old battery or Battery Tray where the battery is placed in the vehicle before purchasing (Buying) the battery from our eBay shop.

This is an high performance Wet Cell Flooded Lead Acid Battery with Advance Calcium+ alloy Technology. This battery have strong ability for cyclic use compare to the normal leisure batteries.

Leisure Battery Care & Maintenance:

PLATINUM leisure batteries are manufactured to the very highest of standards, but to get the very best performancE and longevity out of your batteries it is well worth following a simple care and maintenance program:

  • Always recharge your battery as soon as you can after use after discharge and keep it as fully charged as possible during long periods of in-activity.
  • Please must use Continual Automatic chargers with these batteries such as GYS FLASH 6.12 (12V 6A)) or GYS FLASH 8.12 (12V 8A) Fully Automatic Intelligent Connect & Forget Mains Powered Smart Battery charger can be left attached to the battery for long periods and will look after your battery at correct state of charge until you need it next.
  • Avoid completely discharging your battery (Below 10.5V) as this will reduce its cyclic lifespan.
  • When the battery is out of the caravan/motor-homes etc., always store it in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.
  • From time to time make sure the terminals are free from dust and dirt, and all connections are sound.
  • Please must not use the trickle charger, split charging system and solar charger to charge deeply dischrged batteries. Only use mains powered battery chargers.
  • An equalizing charge for a 12volt battery required that it be charged with a voltage of at least 14.4 volts for a period of at least one hour once a month, or every 10 discharge cycles. An equalizing charge prevents battery stratification and reduces sulfation, the leading cause of battery failure. Equalizing should be performed when a battery is first purchased (called a freshening charge). Reduced performance can also be an indicator that an equalizing charge is needed.
  • All batteries, regardless of their chemistry, will self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge for lead acid batteries depends on the storage or operating temperature. At a temperature of 80 degrees F. A lead acid battery will self-discharge at a rate of approximately 4% a week. A battery with a 125-amp hour rating would self-discharge at a rate of approximately five amps per week. Keeping this in mind if a 125 AH battery is stored for four months (16 weeks) winter without being charged, it will lose 80 amps of its 125-amp capacity. It will also have severe sulfation, which causes additional loss of capacity. Keep your batteries charged while not in use.
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